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Hayley - Volunteer Shop Assistant

Read Hayley's story below..


We are a volunteer run organisation and have many volunteering opportunities

If you have a few hours to spare each week and would like to get involved please contact our

Volunteer Co-ordinator 

We will be very pleased to hear from you



Why not join our team of shop assistants in our zero waste shop, "Nude Foods", located in The Core in Old Town.
The team operates on a rota system of 3-4 hour shifts, to suit.
Duties will include helping customers use the self-service equipment and giving advice about products, topping up the dispensers and  keeping the area clean and tidy.

Training will be given.

Requirements - Clean and tidy appearance; Interest in the environment and plastic-free living; Age 18 or over.

We manage our shift system on SignUp, where you can look at the available shifts and easily volunteer for one or more that suits.



We require one or more volunteers to help design, plan and implement posts across our Social Media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  To promote our shop, write articles, research the internet and share the latest news in zero-waste, recycling, plastic pollution and anything interesting to zero-wasters. 

This role can be managed from home, with the occasional meeting with other volunteers usually held in the Old Town area.


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We would love you to share your recipes made with ingredients from Nude Foods.  


Hayley's Volunteer Story:


My name is Hayley and I'm a research scientist working on cancer research.  I have been working in this sector for many years and have recently been involved in sustainablity committees looking to reduce the environmental impact of our experiments.  We use a fair amount of plastic and are looking at ways of reducing this and ensuring the recycling streams are as good as possible.  This got me thinking about some changes I can make in my home life as well.  For some years I have been using an environmental friendly reusable "sandwich wrap" for my lunch instead of cling film or foil.  Also I have signed up to buy milk in glass bottles from the milkman and use soap bars instead of liquid soap in plastic bottles.  These very simple changes are good start. Recent TV documentaries reporting the war on plastic waste have really highlighted the sheer scale of the problem and shown we need to change our food buying habits to help reduce plastic waste. 


I live in old town and was very pleased to see the opening of our very own zero waste food store housed within The Core.  I was an enthusiastic customer, digging out my collection of jam jars big and small (collected over the years to from my love of jam making).  There is a great selection of products in store, from oats to rice to nuts to lentils and much much more.  I have enjoyed making my own granola, picking different ingredients every week to vary the flavours!  I was also pleasantly surprised the costs were very reasonable, with the added benefit of many of the products being organic.


I discovered the Nude Foods team were looking for volunteers to help support customers with the self service process: it is really very easy! It is great to interact with local people as we all start on the journey of shopping in this plastic free way! It has been lovely to see children getting involved and learning how it works, as I really feel this will be the future of grocery shopping.  We are still looking for more volunteers to help out, you don't need to commit the same time every week on a regular basis as we have a pool of volunteers so we can just sign up for slots whenever you have the time. 


I'm looking forward to seeing you in store soon!